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New Zealand’s Proposed ADS-B Rule Now Out for Consultation

By Staff Writer | September 26, 2017
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Image courtesy of Duncan Aviation

New Zealand’s proposed mandate for ADS-B is now out for consultation, according to the country’s New South Sky (NSS) initiative. The proposed rule has all aircraft in controlled airspace above FL 245 fitting with ADS-B technology starting December 2018.

“The Notice of Proposed Rule Making is an important regulatory milestone for the New Southern Sky program,” said Steve Smyth, NSS director. “It’s a very significant step toward making the modernization of New Zealand’s airspace a reality.”

The draft rule also includes the proposal that any new ADS-B systems installed in any aircraft, including those operating in controlled airspace below FL 245, meet the same minimum performance standard. According to NSS, this is because ATC system requirements are the same for aircraft, no matter what part of controlled airspace they are operating in.

NSS said the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand plans to explore other options for aircraft below FL 245.

The notice is currently open for consultation, and the deadline for submissions is Oct. 27. Policy consultation is set to occur next year.

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