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DSNA Demos Arrival Management Horizon Extension on 200 Commercial Flights

By Staff Writer | September 22, 2017
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The xStream procedure, a project led by French air navigation service provider DSNA, has been successfully tested by 200 commercial inbound flights, according to Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR).

XStream is a project involving cross-border SESAR trials for enhanced arrival management. The arrival management horizon is extended up to 250 nm. The 200 commercial flights involved in the tests were handled by DSNA and were inbound to Paris-Orly airport. Trials were held in August during the maintenance work of the north runway.

SESAR said the trials “showed promising first results in terms of flight efficiency.” XStream is an extension of SESAR’s iStream, used to explore benefits of target time of arrival at congested airports. XStream aims to further enhance target time, air traffic low and capacity management and extended arrival management queue management processes.

Trials took place between July 25 and Aug. 28, during which French air navigation services controlled an average of more than 10,000 flights per day, according to SESAR. The 200 flights, from all airlines, were given speed reduction from the North of Bordeaux and Lyon. This is almost twice the current arrival management horizon.

“First results showed a strong decrease in vectoring and holding time compared to the similar 2016 runway works period,” SESAR said. “The project received positive feedback from en-route and approach controllers and airspace users regarding the relevance and the efficiency of this new process.”

SESAR said the next xStream trial is planned for London-Gatwick next year. It will aim to demonstrate single-runway extended arrival management operations, with considerations for departure demand.

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