New Abaco Systems Bus Monitor Secure, Easy to Use

By Staff Writer | September 11, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Abaco Systems

Abaco Systems’ new bus monitor, BT3-USB-MON, can help users visualize and record 1554 bus traffic, the company said. This can aid in development, testing, troubleshooting and debugging, according to Abaco Systems.

“The BT3-USB-MON is truly a ‘must-have’ tool for engineers and developers working in the 1553 environment because, like the Swiss Army Knife, it contains virtually all the functionality they will ever need in an integrated, easy to use package,” said Mrinal Iyengar, VP of systems and services at Abaco. “It is also sets a new price point for this level of capability — a price point that will enable many customers to expense it rather than CAPEX it.”

The bus monitor combines three tools: 1553 visualization and recording software; 1553 monitoring hardware; and scope outputs for electrical analysis. The company said it does not have any transmit or receive functionality, which makes it secure. BT3-USB-MON also has an integrated differential-to-single-ended 10:1 scope, which provides output for each bus. Along with programmable onboard triggers, the company said it allows data and waveform capture of specific bus events.

“BT3-USB-MON’s functionality includes the ability to capture 100% fully loaded bus traffic with IRIG synchronized time-tagging, error status, word status and message status,” Abaco Systems said. “Extensive filtering and triggering options include by individual RT/sub-address; transmit, receive or broadcast mode codes; internal or external triggering; and trigger output on user-specified data. Rugged packaging makes the BT3-USB-MON ideal for use on the flight line, in the lab or even in the field.”

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