Boeing Engineers to Improve Manufacturing Processes with Georgia Tech Students

By Staff Writer | June 28, 2017
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Boeing and Georgia Institute of Technology have joined forces to open a development research center, Boeing said. There, Boeing researchers and Georgia Tech engineering students will work together to explore automation in industrial applications.

Called the Boeing Manufacturing Development Center, the new research center is located in the Delta Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Facility at the university.

“Georgia Tech’s long and productive relationship with Boeing includes immersive educational support for our students, collaborative research and development of aerospace innovations,” said Steve Cross, Georgia Tech’s EVP for research. “Our relationship is an exemplar for industry-university engagement as we meet jointly shared aspirations for the future of education and the advancement of technology.”

Boeing and Georgia Tech have a longstanding relationship. For more than 25 years, Boeing said it has supported a variety of manufacturing research efforts at the university. This includes developing control systems on cranes and mobile platforms, and active flow control for aircraft wing tips. One of the first research projects at the new facility would focus on industrial robotics for machining and fabrication applications, and how it can be applied to processes at Boeing.

Boeing said it also partners with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, Cambridge, California Institute of Technology and six others for worldwide research.

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