Not Just for Rotary-Wing Aircraft, Acoustic Warning System Tested on Cessna

By Staff Writer | June 23, 2017
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Photo: AlfvanBeem

Orbital ATK’s ShotFinder acoustic hostile-fire indication system has completed testing on a fixed-wing aircraft, the company said. Installed on a Cessna Grand Caravan configured for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, the aircraft collected ambient acoustic data while operating in different scenarios.

“Orbital ATK’s ShotFinder has previously been shown to be effective against a variety of incoming enemy-arms fire when utilized on rotary-wing platforms,” said Cary Ralston, VP and general manager of the defense electronic systems division of Orbital ATK’s Defense Systems Group. “The additional data collection on a fixed-wing platform broadens the potential user base to allow Caravan and other fixed-wing pilots the improved means to safely complete their mission.”

Orbital ATK and Scientific Research Associates developed the acoustic hostile-fire warning system. Using supersonic shock wave from a passing bullet and the muzzle blasé from the weapon, Orbital ATK said the solution could determine a bullet’s origin and point of closet approach. ShotFinder can identify and directionally locate small-arms fire, anti-aircraft artillery and rocket-propelled grenade threats. A real-time warning would then be delivered to the pilot.

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