Advanced Hawk Flies for First Time

Advanced Hawk jet trainer. Photo: BAE Systems.

Advanced Hawk jet trainer. Photo: BAE Systems. 

A concept of a future variant of BAE Systems’ Hawk trainer aircraft has flown for the first time at the company’s military aircraft facility in Warton, Lancashire. Equipped with a new type of pilot display, a redesigned wing and defensive aids, the Advanced Hawk will meet market requirements for the next generation of fast jet training aircraft.

The concept demonstrator features an upgraded cockpit, equipped with BAE Systems’ low-profile head-up display, and a new large area display that introduces a new student/pilot training experience. It also features a redesigned wing that increases performance in areas such as turn rates, angles of attack and both take-off and landing.

Other technology advancements include increased stores capability, a new set of defensive aids and a range of new flight systems, all aimed at ensuring Hawk continues to provide the edge in fast jet pilot training, as well as offering increased operational utility.

The first flight of the aircraft builds on its public debut at Aero India 2017 in Bangalore earlier this year.

The aircraft will now undergo a series of flights to collect test data on the new key capability enhancements.

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