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NXP Semiconductors Offers Compact Solution for ADS-B

By Staff Writer | June 8, 2017
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NXP Semiconductors now offers what it calls “the industry’s most compact [radio frequency] laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor solution” for the ADS-B market. The LDMOS product, AFV10700H, has more than 700 watts of pulsed power in a 50-ohm power amplifier and meets size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) requirements.

“This new solution is an excellent example of NXP’s commitment to develop compelling products that address the stringent requirements in size and performance of L-Band pulsed applications,” said Pierre Piel, senior director and GM for multimarket radio frequency (RF) power at NXP. “High performance and ease of use are the key pillars of our design philosophy.”

Based on NXP’s Airfast technology, the AFV10700 takes up 40% less space than the standard Ni-1230 package, the company said. Integrated on-chip pre-matching enables a 1.3-inch by 2.6-inch power amplifier. NXP also noted that thermal resistance further reduces the weight of the transponder by enabling smaller heatsink designs.

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