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MHI Aerospace Systems Corp. Chooses QGen for Throttle Quadrant Assembly Research

By Staff Writer | May 24, 2017
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MHI Aerospace Systems Corp., a member of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, has tapped AdaCore to support Throttle Quadrant Assembly (TQA) system research, AdaCore said. The company’s QGen toolset is to generate code, developing software for the system.

Research is being conducted to meet the Level C objectives in the DO-178C safety standard for airborne software and its DO-331 supplement on Model-Based Development and Verification, AdaCore said. According to the company, using a qualified code generator, like QGen, can make the processes of developing and verifying the software more efficient. The product has Tool Qualification Level- (TQL) 1, which is equivalent to a development tool in DO-178B, the company said.

“We chose QGen as our Auto Code Generator because we believe TQL-1 qualification will reduce the effort of our verification activities that comply with DO-331,” said Hiroyuki Kakamu, general manager of MHI Aerospace Systems Corp. “As part of the TQA project, we discussed DO-331 compliance with AdaCore’s engineers. Based on these discussions, we developed a Model-Based Design process that complies with DO-331 based on the use of QGen.”

Throttle Quadrant Assembly is a product for light airplanes made by Japanese manufacturer Tamagawa Seiki Co. Ltd. Research began last year to redevelop the product using model-based development, instead of hand-written software.

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