COMAC, UAC Form Company for Widebody Commercial Aircraft

By Staff Writer | May 24, 2017
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Photo: United Aircraft Corp. of Russia

Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China Ltd. (COMAC) and United Aircraft Corp. of Russia (UAC) are set to form China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Co. Ltd. (CRAIC), UAC said. This joint venture would aim to develop a new generation long-range, widebody commercial aircraft and lead its commercial operation.

The two companies held an establishment ceremony for the new venture May 22, but they signed a joint venture contract last June. CRAIC would be responsible for product and technology development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, customer service, consulting, program management and other related items. The new company also plans to adopt a “modern enterprise governance structure,” and create a board of directors and a board of supervisors. The board of directors would consist of four members from each company. UAC appointed its VP, Vladislav E. Masalov, as the first chairman. COMAC nominated its head of widebody aircraft, Guo Bozhi, to be the first general manager.

So far, UAC and COMAC have completed the industrial and commercial registration process with a business license, UAC said. They have also determined the development strategy for a stretched and shortened series of the aircraft. The initial technical plan has been formulated, and other details have been confirmed (range of about 7,456 miles, 280 seats, three classes). There is a planned request for proposal (RFP), which will provide all information. Final assembly is to be completed in Shanghai.

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