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Cessna Denali Program Begins Test Article Fabrication

By Staff Writer | May 19, 2017
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Photo: Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation Inc.’s Cessna Denali program has begun fabrication of the first test articles, Textron said. Program engineers have started the process for static and fatigue test articles, including the 53-inch wide by 29-inch tall aft cargo door. Testing has also started for the fuel system iron bird test article and the 105-inch composite propeller with five blades.

“This is an exciting time in the Denali program as this aircraft is now coming to life through the production of the first test articles,” said Brad Thress, SVP of Engineering. “The level of attention that goes into this phase of development results in a highly mature product in later stages of the development program, ultimately allowing us to deliver customers a best-in-class aircraft.”

The Denali is to feature the Garmin G3000 intuitive touchscreen avionics suite, which includes high-resolution multifunction displays and split-screen capability. The flight deck will also come with weather radar, advanced terrain awareness warning systems (TAWS) and ADS-B capabilities. The aircraft can be configured to have six individual reclining seats, club-configuration tables and refreshment unit, or nine individual forward-facing seats.

Propeller testing at maximum rpm, vibration testing and bird strike testing have already been successfully completed.

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