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Insitu Packages Remote-Sensing Services for Commercial Market

By James T. McKenna | May 11, 2017
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Insitu ScanEagle. Photo courtesy of Insitu

Insitu ScanEagle. Photo courtesy of Insitu

Boeing subsidiary Insitu is packaging the remote-sensing and information-delivery products and services of it and its parent as a suite of offerings for commercial customers seeking unmanned systems-based solutions to their business needs.

Insitu's INEXA Solutions suite is intended to cover business use of unmanned systems from space to the ocean floor, the company said. Insitu added that it will tailor its remote-sensing products and services for specific customers, including unmanned air vehicles, sensors, analytics, data integration, command and control software, and flight and training services.

Insitu said the newly branded services would draw on its experience of more than 970,000 drone flight hours and its global team of professional remote pilots, trainers, software developers and regulatory experts.

"Our flexible, comprehensive, and versatile solutions mitigate difficult large-area enterprise issues — and our initial applications have demonstrated significant value to open-pit mining and onshore, upstream liquid natural gas operators," said Insitu’s director of commercial solutions, Vince Vidal.

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