Boeing, US Air Force Demo Airborne Networking System

By Staff Writer | May 9, 2017
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Major Ric Turner, F-15 Strike Eagle Pilot with the 40th Flight Test Squadron, Eglin AFB, FL flew a test mission with the Talon HATE Pod, MSN 0022, JON AHZB0129 on an F-15 Strike  Eagle on October 01, 2015. (U.S. Air Force photos by Senior Airman Brandi Hansen) Released By: Mr. Kevin Gaddie 96th Test Wing DSN 882-3915

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Air Force

Boeing and the U.S. Air Force have shown that multiple aircraft and ground stations can communicate securely using Boeing’s Talon HATE airborne networking system, the company said.

HATE pods were equipped on two F-15Cs, and the test pilots shared information through the military’s Link 16, Common Data Link and Wideband Global Satcom satellites. Pilots can transmit information quickly between aircraft and weapon systems. Intra-flight datalink network capabilities were also validated during testing for use by F-22s. Boeing has planned additional tests for later this year with advanced sensors.

“This aerial network is a giant leap forward in tactical fighter capability with real-time connectivity and expanded information sharing,” said Paul Geery, VP of Phantom Works Mission Solutions and Boeing’s Talon HATE program manager. “We are now demonstrating secure datalink connections between F-15Cs and F-22s in a way that integrates information for the pilot into a common operating picture.”

Talon HATE combines information from fighter networks, national sources, and joint command and control assets, Boeing said. Original design intent had the system carried in a pod attached to the F-15C.

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