3 Questions With Kaney Aerospace Execs

A technician inside the Kaney Aerospace manufacturing facility. Photo: Kaney Aerospace.

A technician inside the Kaney Aerospace manufacturing facility. Photo: Kaney Aerospace


Kaney Aerospace recently completed its acquisition of BVR Technologies from Esterline Corp. and has plans to operate with a combined workforce of more than 120 employees primarily based in Rockford, Illinois. Avionics caught up with Ron Soave, Kaney’s president, and Jeff Kaney, Kaney’s CEO, to discuss how they’re maximizing new aerospace opportunities coming available to them as a result of the acquisition.

As a company providing customized engineering services as well as test equipment for Boeing, Embraer, GE Aviation, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins and others, the acquisition allows Kaney to expand into the motion control, indication and sensing technologies for which BVR is known, in addition to producing the SVO-5000 autopilot actuator that is a component of the overall Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion avionics suite.


Avionics: With the acquisition of BVR completed, what do you see as the biggest growth areas for the newly combined company?

Ron Soave:  As companies focus on new product development, some older products and technologies are no longer of core interest to them. We have been very active in seeking older legacy product lines and continuing their life cycle in the market. Almost every one of our customers is following that trend, and BVR is going to allow us to rapidly assume product responsibility through licensing or acquisition.


Avionics: Where is Kaney seeing the most demand right now in test equipment, and how does the BVR acquisition enhance your ability to serve that demand?

Kaney: We see a great deal of demand in the aftermarket. What’s happening is a lot of OEMs are starting to change their models for aftermarket support and operators and third-party repair stations are assuming some of those repair responsibilities. As such, they require test equipment to test those products before they turn them to service. We’re seeing increased demand for providing test equipment directly to repair stations, OEMs and tier 1 suppliers.


Avionics: BVR manufactures the SVO-5000 autopilot actuator that is a component of Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system. Will you look to bring that component to other avionics systems?

Soave: The SVO-5000 is used in everything ranging from the KC-135 to various business and commercial jet airframes. It’s a very versatile product that BVR has developed at a competitive price with exceptional performance. We’re excited about the versatility and value this product provides to a variety of end users, and look for its expansion to additional platforms.

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