Embedded Avionics

New Partnership Targets Aerospace Security Validation


Photo: Ensco Avionics.

Ensco Avionics is launching a technology alliance with TrustPhi to offer DO-326A aerospace security solutions. Under the alliance, both companies will seek to provide services to help aerospace and defense companies design and validate security architectures, enhance device security, and build security-enabled products.

Specific services offered by the new alliance will include DO-326A system security gap analysis, DO-326A security requirements guidance, chip-level security architecture and design and more. DO-326A is the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) “Airworthiness Security Process Specification” document.

“As aircraft become more connected, the threats and vulnerabilities to avionics systems grow, resulting in security design becoming essential,” said Jay Ficarro, Director of Avionics Solutions, Ensco.

RTCA describes DO-326A as an updated document issued in parallel with DO-355 to address developmental and continuing airworthiness concerns. The guidance is intended to augment current guidance for aircraft certification to handle the threat of intentional unauthorized electronic interaction to aircraft safety.

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