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Lufthansa Systems Receives EASA Approval for Lido/SurfaceData

By Staff Writer | February 24, 2017
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Lufthansa Systems has launched Lido/SurfaceData, thanks to an EASA certification, the company says. The new product delivers precise worldwide obstacle data to software providers and avionics manufacturers in the form of a comprehensive database.

“The Lido/Navigation obstacle data is processed in accordance with RTCA DO-200 and meets the DO-276 and DO-291 industry standards. Intensive quality controls in each phase of the process guarantee a premium product,” says Cheng-Yi Cheng, product manager Lido/Navigation Data Services. “Furthermore, EASA has certified the Lido/SurfaceData data in accordance with LoA Type 1 and will also regularly audit it in the future.”

Including mobile and fixed objects, Lido/SurfaceData comprises information on some 1 million obstacles. Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) is one of the official sources the new solution uses. Airlines can use it for airport analysis, and it can also be used for helicopter software.

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