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Jetnet Offers Live FAA Tracking Data With Aerodex Upgrade

By S.L. Fuller | January 23, 2017
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[Avionics Magazine 01-23-2017] Jetnet has increased its support capabilities for fixed-base operators (FBO); maintenance, repair and overhaul servicers; and flight line service providers, the company says. It is now receiving live aircraft tracking data from the FAA, which allows Jetnet to upgrade its Jetnet Aerodex.

Photo: Jetnet

Jetnet Aerodex allows users to view FAA-registered flights with activity from England, Ireland, Canada, U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean. The service features a new Aerodex Airport Uplift search capability, which focuses on aircraft flight patterns, fuel consumption and enhanced predictors at the serial number-level. Aerodex automatically tracks updates for 21,674 business jets, 15,045 turboprops and 5,207 piston airframes around the globe. Users can also generate reports to see aircraft based at nearby airports for prospecting, with detailed flight-activity reports and contact information for the owner and/or operator.

Aerodex has a database of information dating back to 1988 on aircraft owndership, company fleets, certifications, chief pilots, directors of maintenance, liens/lien releases and FAA documents. Search criteria are customizable for users, also allowing for highly targeted prospecting lists. The prospecting lists have regular updates from some 50 researchers.

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