IEE to Upgrade F-15 Displays

By Woodrow Bellamy III  | December 12, 2016
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[Avionics Magazine 12-12-2016] Military aircraft display manufacturer IEE has a new contract with Boeing Defense, Space & Security to develop an upgrade to the F-15 Passive Attack Display (PAD). The upgrade targets specific compatibility with the Advance Display Core Processor (ADCP) II. 
IEE’s F-15 PAD upgraded display. Photo: IEE.
The PAD uses an ARINC 818 fiber optic interface to receive video from, and exchange messages with the ADCP II. The ADCP II facilitates the centralization of a number of critical display functions, such as the consolidation of multi-window configurations into one complete screen image for distribution to display units. This addresses the need for the ever-increasing amount of information available to operators to improve situational awareness.
The F15-PAD upgrade features 12 programmable discreet interfaces, each of which can be provisioned by the ADCP II to three different types of inputs and outputs. These discreets can be used for other aircraft functions, giving the PAD a built-in service life extension.
“This flight-qualified avionics display with the new ARINC 818 circuit card assembly adds a high performance digital video feature to the stable of IEE products,” said Tom Whinfrey, CEO of IEE. “Not just for ADCP II compatibility,” he adds, “but for any other avionics mission computer.”

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