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Avionics for NextGen Preview

By Mark Holmes | September 1, 2015
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I want to start this edition of Avionics Magazine by previewing our Avionics for NextGen event, which we are really looking forward to re-launching this October in Washington, D.C. With NextGen taking a prominent place throughout our publication this year, this event will give crucial updates on the topic. We have a great lineup of speakers from the FAA, most of the major U.S. airlines, as well as key industry players. It promises to be a great event.

Prior to the full conference, Avionics for NextGen, in conjunction with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, will be hosting NextGen 101, a one-day course that will identify the key concepts, attributes, and challenges of NextGen. This will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 13 before the main event starts on Oct. 14. For those of you interested in finding more out about the event, please go to www.avionicsfornextgen.com for more information on both the course and the event.

In this edition of Avionics Magazine, we have a recap from our first-ever Avionics Excellence Awards, which we held during our Global Connected Aircraft Summit (GCA Summit) this past June. These awards, which are a new initiative, have been very well-received by the industry. We hope you will take part in them this year, as we aim to make them bigger and better than ever. In this issue we also have a feature looking at the connected cockpit and how connectivity can make a difference in terms of operations, which was a key theme during our GCA Summit.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you at Avionics for NextGen in October.

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