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FAA Seeks Law Enforcement Assistance with Unlawful UAS Use

By Juliet Van Wagenen | January 12, 2015
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Civil UAS
Civil UAS. Photo: Wikicommons (ZullyC3P)

[Avionics Today 01-12-2014] The FAA is asking the law enforcement community for help in identifying people who don’t follow the rules of the National Airspace System (NAS) when operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

“The proliferation of small, relatively inexpensive unmanned aircraft presents the Federal Aviation Administration with a challenge in identifying people who don’t follow the rules of the air or who endanger the nation’s airspace,” the release on the FAA’s site reads. For this reason, the FAA has issued guidance to the law enforcement community explaining the legal framework for the agency’s oversight of aviation safety in the U.S., including UAS operations.

The guidance describes how UAS and model aircraft can be operated legally, and the options for legal enforcement actions against unsafe UAS operators. The FAA believes state and local police are often in the best position to immediately investigate unauthorized UAS operations, and stop them as is appropriate.

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