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Searidge Remote Surface Management System Operational at Dubai International

By Juliet Van Wagenen | November 4, 2014
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Terminal 2 Ramp at Dubai International Airport

Terminal 2 Ramp at Dubai International Airport. Photo: Wikipedia

[Avionics Today 11-04-2014] Searidge Technologies has announced that the its remote situational awareness and zone occupancy surface management system is now in operation at Dubai International Airport (DXB). Searidge, which provides surface management solutions to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and airports, aims the technology at improving safety and efficiency at the airport, which has a goal of becoming the busiest in the world for international traffic, according to a statement released by Searidge.

Since the launch of the remote situational awareness project at DXB in 2012, the scope has increased to include three additional monitored areas, further integration with existing airport systems, and additional automation capabilities. The coverage area now consists of four critical intersections that cross two parallel taxiways and connect to adjacent service roads. Searidge has also integrated its Air Traffic Control (ATC)-grade and video platforms with other airport data sources to provide operators with a more comprehensive view of the airport surface that includes information such as push back clearance, traffic light status, visibility category and call signs. 

Moreover, the system also shows zone occupancy of monitored areas, can predict the crossings aircraft will intersect, mark distance to crossings, and can automatically switch to thermal camera coverage when visibility drops below a defined value.

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