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Peruvian Airlines Joins Sabre Travel Marketplace, Hopes to Drive Expansion

By Juliet Van Wagenen | October 2, 2014
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Peruvian airlines flight
Peruvian airlines flight. Photo: Christian Volpati via Wikipedia

[Avionics Today 10-02-2014] Peruvian Airlines has become the latest Latin American customer to join the Sabre travel marketplace, a travel e-commerce platform — best known for the site Travelocity — that the company believes will help the airline span its reach to global travelers. The airline seeks to use this technology to drive international expansion to its customer base, which has been rapidly expanding since the company began operations in 2009.

The multi-annual distribution agreement, which aims at providing buyers with access to all Peruvian’s fares, seat maps, schedules and services, will enable the airline to partner with more than 400,000 travel agents in Peru and other Latin American countries as well as other global markets.

The new full-content distribution agreement will also include low fare search capabilities, to support efficient merchandising of fares and inventory through travel agents subscribed to Sabre. Sabre and Peruvian Airlines have already started to work on the technology implementation pipeline, after which the content will be available on desktop, web and tablets for shopping and booking.

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