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BendixKing Launches Retrofit King Air Cockpit

By gguarino | July 28, 2014
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[Avionics Today July 28, 2014] Honeywell subsidiary BendixKing has unveiled a new cockpit retrofit solution for King Air turboprop aircraft. The AeroVue integrated flight deck features Honeywell's Flight Management System (FMS) along with synthetic vision and adds wireless cockpit capability with the AeroWave 100 system. 
King Air pilots that install the AeroVue flight deck will be able to operate it with a combination of button inputs, or with the optional Cursor Control Device (CCD), which allows the control of various integrated flight deck function with a "firmly stabilized" hand, according to BendixKing. 
"Our discussions with avionics dealers and turbo-prop operators indicated that there is a real need in the market for a choice of cockpit retrofits," said Kevin Gould, president of BendixKing. "With AeroVue we answer that call by delivering an advanced IFD with an unrivaled pedigree that descends from Honeywell systems found on some of the most advanced business jets in the world."

BendixKing expects to obtain FAA type certification for AeroVue in 2015, initially for King Air 200s and B200s. 

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