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ATTF to Propose Global Tracking Solution by ‘Year End,’ IATA Says

By Woodrow Bellamy III  | June 3, 2014
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[Avionics Today June 3, 2014] The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has confirmed that it’s Aircraft Tracking Task Force (ATTF) will propose a solution for enhancing global aircraft tracking to the aviation industry before "year-end."

IATA formed the ATTF following the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, in an effort to bring together aviation industry leaders to provide a regulatory framework and technological solutions for improving global aircraft tracking.  In May, ICAO hosted a special meeting on global aircraft tracking, and that was followed by a two day summit on the topic in Kuala Lumpur hosted by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). 
ATTF members include Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer and the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines, among others. 
Now, the group says the task force will be ready to present a new solution to ICAO by the end of the year. 
“Aviation stakeholders are united in their desire to ensure that we never face another situation where an aircraft simply disappears,” said Kevin Hiatt, IATA Senior Vice President, Safety and Flight Operations. “While States work through ICAO to develop and implement performance-based global standards as a mid- to-long-term solution, the industry is committed to moving forward with recommendations that airlines can implement now.”

The task force will spend the next few months developing performance-based recommendations to improve aircraft tracking, which will likely produce a number of different options for airlines to consider.  

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