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EASA Pursues In-flight Mobile Calling Policy

By gguarino | November 13, 2013
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The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is looking to certify in-flight cell phone calls, the agency said Wednesday along with announcing the approval of the use of personal electronic devices (PED) during all phases of flight. 
European officials will publish guidance by the end of November applicable to aircraft operated by European carriers, extending the use of PEDs during all phases of flight. The announcement comes following the FAA's recent approval of PED use during taxiing, takeoff and landing phases. 
Similar to the FAA ruling, EASA is requiring carriers to conduct an assessment that proves their aircraft avionics systems can withstand Wi-Fi signal interference emitted from passengers' electronics devices throughout all phases of flight. Both American and United were recently approved by the FAA to allow their passengers to use PEDs from gate to gate within the U.S.

"In the long term, the Agency is looking at new ways to certify the use of mobile phones on-board aircraft to make phone calls," EASA said in a statement. 

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