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Enstrom Selects L-3’s ESI-2000 for 480B Helicopter

By Tish Drake | October 22, 2013
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Enstrom Helicopter selected L-3 Aviation Products’ Trilogy ESI-2000 Electronic Standby Instrument as an additional safety feature option for the 480B helicopter platform.
“The Trilogy ESI complements the new Enstrom glass panel by mirroring the layout of the primary display,” said Ralph DeMarco, vice president of sales and marketing for L-3 Aviation Products. “This translates into increased safety in the event of a primary failure, helping the pilot easily transition to a familiar layout of critical flight data. With an excellent safety record, Enstrom owners and operators can enjoy even greater peace of mind with the Trilogy standby.”

The Trilogy ESI-2000 is an advanced solid-state standby instrument that makes the all-glass cockpit possible, replacing the three analog standbys that normally accompany glass avionics. Trilogy provides attitude, altitude, airspeed and optional heading data on a clear, 3.7-inch digital screen. By presenting flight information in an easy-to-scan layout that mirrors the primary displays, the instrument facilitates a quick transition to backup flight information in an emergency, while reducing weight and saving panel space.
Emergency operation of the Trilogy ESI is achieved through the use of high-energy density lithium-ion battery technology. Favorable self-discharge characteristics allow the battery to maintain a charge over long periods of disuse with little to no energy loss, while its excellent power-to-weight ratio provides high output with minimal added mass. Following emergency use, the battery is recharged by the aircraft’s electrical system with no need for removal or inspection. Its maximum capacity is monitored by the ESI computer, which notifies the pilot when replacement is necessary.

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