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NBAA: Clay Lacy Aviation Selects Gogo Text & Talk

By Tish Drake | October 21, 2013
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Charter and management company Clay Lacy Aviation will deploy the new Gogo Text & Talk service aboard its charter fleet.

Gogo Text & Talk is an exclusive new service from Aircell that allows passengers to use their own smartphones for calling and texting in flight – with their own mobile number. The service mimics the native features and operation of the passenger’s smartphone. Passengers can use their own contact lists and hands-free devices. Features like Caller ID and call histories are supported. Calling someone in flight is as simple as dialing their number.

“We pride ourselves in being the first to deliver the latest technology and most requested onboard services to our clients,” said Brian Kirkdoffer, president of Clay Lacy Aviation. “In today’s business environment, this leap forward by Aircell offers passengers improved productivity and convenience. It’s also another example of Clay Lacy Aviation’s commitment to providing each customer superior safety, service and value,” concluded Kirkdoffer.

Gogo Text & Talk operates over Wi-Fi technology (not cellular) and uses the passenger’s own mobile number (not an auto-attendant, two-step dialing or call-forwarding protocol). Because the service is software-based, it can be added to any standard Gogo Biz equipment package without additional hardware, weight or installation downtime. This makes Gogo Text & Talk practical for aircraft as small as light jets and turboprops.

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