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By Jonathan Ray | October 1, 2013
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In-Flight Voice, Text

Aircell added voice capabilities to its Gogo Biz in-flight internet service. The company said it can offer internet and voice capabilities from a single system, which can reduce equipment requirements and installation costs.

Available with any Gogo Biz system, via Aircell’s air-to-ground technology, Gogo Text & Talk is obtained by purchasing a software key for the aircraft’s onboard equipment and installing a free app on passengers’ smartphones. Alternatively, the service can be used with the Gogo OnePhone cabin handset. Features of the handset include a touchscreen display and Android-based operating system. Wired and wireless versions are available, the company said.

Monthly voice plans for Gogo Biz start at $134.95 a month, which includes 60 voice minutes, according to the company. Visit

DIRCM System

Elbit Systems introduced its mini-MUSIC Directional Infra-Red Countermeasure (DIRCM) system. The MUSIC family includes systems providing protection for different aircraft MUSIC for medium to large rotary and fixed-wing aircraft; C-MUSIC for commercial jet aircraft; J-MUSIC for military transport and air refueling tankers; and mini-MUSIC for small- and medium-sized platforms.

All systems include a fiber-laser based, directional infra-red countermeasure technology and a sealed turret. The initial detection of incoming threats is provided by a missile warning system. When a threatening missile is detected, the warning is passed to the DIRCM that then directs a thermal tracker to acquire and track the threat. A laser beam is then fired at the missile causing it to be deflected away from the aircraft. Visit

Asset Management

MAINtag, of Atlanta, launched FLYcheck, a 3-D, iPad-based assets management solution for inventory and maintenance of cabin passenger and security equipment. With FLYcheck, technicians are able to retrieve and update information during cabin inspection, enabling airlines to monitor each piece of equipment while creating and building a maintenance history. Safety equipment parts that can be verified and inventoried via RFID include life vests, oxygen masks, oxygen generators, lamps, security lighting, radio beacons, medical kits, fire extinguishers, ropes, seats and in-flight entertainment. Visit

Data Converter

Shadin Avionics released the Digital Discrete Switch data converter with a purchase order from a major business jet manufacturer. The DDS was derived from Shadin’s AIS-360 digital platform and requirements were defined by a customer need to keep their aircraft introduction schedule on track, according to the company.

The AIS-360 Digital Discrete Switch converter now joins the AIS-380 analog, AIS-360 digital, AIS-450 synchro and AIS-460 military 1553 in Shadin’s family of FAA-certified data converters. Visit

Distribution Agreement

Blue Sky Network, based in La Jolla, Calif., has teamed up with Avionics Services, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, under which Avionics Services will offer Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based fleet management and tracking solutions to its customers to improve fleet safety and efficiency, according to the companies.

Avionics Services will offer Blue Sky Network’s flight tracking hardware, including the D1000 series products, the ACH1000 voice/data product and the HawkEyeLink Bluetooth cockpit interface. Visit

Flight Deck STC

Avidyne, of Lincoln, Mass., and NexAir Avionics, of Mansfield, Mass., received FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for the installation of the Avidyne Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck (R9) in the Piper PA-32-301 series Saratoga aircraft.

This R9 certification is part of the overall FAA approval of NexAir’s Saratoga NX aircraft revitalization program, which includes new paint, interior, cowlings and lighting. With this approval, Avidyne extends its R9 Approved Model List, which also covers the Cirrus SR20 and SR22, and the Piper PA-46 Matrix and Mirage. Visit

Comm Radio

Garmin, of Olathe, Kan., introduced the GTR 200 panel mount comm radio for experimental and light sport aircraft.

The GTR 200 integrates audio panel features like a two place auto-squelch stereo intercom, which senses the amount of sound in the cockpit and automatically adjusts the mic squelch, according to the company. Other features of the system include stereo intercom, stereo music input, alert inputs, standby frequency monitoring and on-screen frequency identification. Visit

Service App

Gulfstream launched 24-Hour Support iPhone- and iPad-compatible app. The 24-Hour Support app, which will be updated regularly, provides access to Gulfstream Technical Operations, 19 company-owned and authorized service centers, 13 company-authorized warranty facilities, 43 field service representatives, Spare Part Sales, and other key contacts. Visit

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