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GE Aviation Leads Airspace Modernization Effort in Brazil

By Woodrow Bellamy III | September 9, 2013
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GE Aviation is leading a government-industry effort to improve Brazilian air traffic management and airspace usage, as the company works with stakeholders to implement the Green Skies of Brazil program. 
The program, a multi-year effort encompassing 10 airports, is the result of a two-year research program where Brazilian air navigation service provider DECEA and Brazilian airlines used flight data analytics to identify methods for improving airspace usage. GE’s flight analytics platform identified areas for improvement and helped officials determine the value of deploying Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures.
"Once the RNP paths are deployed, GE Aviation’s Flight Analytics platform will analyze actual flight and operational data to support optimization, validate the cost savings and identify additional areas for improvements," said Giovanni Spitale, general manager of GE Aviation’s flight efficiency services. "This may include optimizing the paths for additional fuel and track mile savings, vertical profile reduction, capacity gains, runway throughput or environmental improvements."
GOL is the first carrier to participate in the program, which has determined that the airline could save up to $24 million in operating costs over the next five years by using RNP flight paths. 

Initial flight paths have been deployed at Santos Dumont airport, with plans to launch them at nine other airports in the near future. 

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