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US Air Force to Supply IFF Systems for F-16

By gguarino | May 29, 2013
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BAE Systems was awarded a $34 million contract to provide its Mode 5 Advanced Identification Friend or Foe (AIFF) system for the U.S. Air Force fleet of F-16s. 
(F-16. Photo, courtesy of BAE Systems.)
The system will replace older IFF technology on the F-16s, increasing the aircraft's identification capability with the use of secure message and data transmission formats. IFF is composed of electronic interrogators and transponders that provide a questions and answer system for identifying enemy aircraft.
Under the contract, BAE will provide its AN/APX-125 Mode 5 Combined Interrogator Transponders to the Air Force and the European Participating Air Force partners. 
"The system allows the warfighter to rapidly differentiate between friendly and potentially hostile forces well beyond a pilot’s visual range," said Sal Costa, product line director for identification and processing solutions at BAE Systems.
The upgrades are expected to be retrofitted on the F-16s by 2015. 

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