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EASA Approves Aspen’s H-Series PFDs for R44s

By gguarino | May 1, 2013
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EASA issued a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to Aspen Avionics for the installation of Evolution H-Series Primary Flight Displays (PFD) in Robinson R44 I and II helicopters. 
The STC will allow R44 operators in Europe to retrofit their fleets with the H-series PFDs and Multi-function Flight Displays (MFD), providing an upgrade from the helicopters’ standard seven-hole instrument panels. 

“Aspen’s unique retrofit technology is ideal for the helicopter market,” says Mark Ferrari, Aspen’s vice president of sales and customer support. “The combination of superior digital ADAHRS reliability, affordable pricing, and robust features that increase situational awareness is what makes the Evolution Flight Display System such a compelling solution for the Robinson fleet.”

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