Honeywell to Deploy TegoView RFID Parts Tagging

By gguarino | February 4, 2013
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Honeywell selected the TegoView RFID parts tagging software to expedite its parts tagging process for the aircraft components it supplies to airframe manufacturers.

Tego, developer of TegoView, said the software was developed to expedite the tagging of aircraft parts. Airframe manufacturers require high memory RFID tags so that all users along supply chains and assembly lines have easy access to all relevant information regarding each specific component.

“In an industry where thousands of airplanes each have millions of individual parts, airframe manufacturers and their suppliers need to manage and track an enormous inventory,” said Timothy Butler, president and CEO of Tego. “This is where the automation and accuracy of TegoView for writing and reading RFID tags on parts is of the greatest value to our customers, not only for compliance but for improved supply chain processes.” More

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