IS&S Awarded Avionics Contract from iAccess Technologies

By Tish Drake | December 20, 2012
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Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S), based in Exton, Pa., has been awarded a $4 million contract from iAccess Technologies, of Long Beach, Calif., to provide seven shipsets of company’s Integrated Suite of Avionics for the C-130 and L-100 aircraft. IS&S equipment includes seven Integrated Flat Panel Displays, Standby Instrument System, Flight Management System, Warning System and computers. The IS&S system provides for integration of legacy and newly installed equipment making the aircraft CNS/ATM compliant.

“The IS&S system will standardize the cockpits on the C-130 and L-100 aircraft making them Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) compliant. The IS&S system is Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) compliant and enhances tactical and situational awareness. This program will improve the reliability, maintainability and situational awareness of the C-130 and L-100 aircraft," said IS&S President Shahram Askarpour.

The IS&S Integrated Multifunction Standby Unit (IMSU) processes and displays altitude, attitude, airspeed, slip/skid and navigation information in an intuitive and concise single instrument display. The IMSU displays a Primary Flight Display (PFD) and a full 360° Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) to reduce pilot workload and enhance situational awareness.

Further, the system includes Primary, Navigation and Engine Instrument Displays with associated Control Panels and Data Concentrators. The Caution, Warning and Advisory Panel (CWAP) enables centralized cautionary and warning indications in the flight deck and provides an interface with the remote attention getters to enable flight crew alert of annunciated cautions or warnings. CWAP also provides outputs to activate warnings in the aircraft audio tone and voice alerting system.

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