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Airbus Prosky Looks to Improve Air Traffic Management in Latin America

By gguarino | November 26, 2012
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Airbus Prosky is partnering with air traffic systems provider Atech to develop solutions that will support the future growth of air transportation in Latin America.

The recent global market forecast (GMF) released by Airbus predicts air traffic will increase by 5.3 percent per year over the next 20 years in Latin America, and Atech is looking for the new partnership to support the increased traffic while reducing fuel consumption and emissions for airlines through improved ATM practices.

"Our traffic flow and precision navigation solutions have demonstrated massive efficiency gains around the world, notably in the United States and most recently in Australia. Together, Atech and Airbus ProSky can deploy intelligent ATM solutions that are proven to handle the long-term growth of air traffic, while successfully managing the peak demands associated with global tourism events that are being hosted in the region,” said Eric Stefanello, CEO of Airbus ProSky.

Airbus did not state when it expects to begin working with Atech in the region. More

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