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Blackhawk Introduces FAA-Approved TMS for Cessna 208B Caravan

By gguarino | November 1, 2012
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Blackhawk Modifications announced a new feature for its Cessna 208B Caravan XP42A upgrade package, the Flightline System Ultra Trend Monitoring System (TMS).

FAA has approved the Ultra Trend Monitoring System for use in Cessna Grand Caravans equipped with the Blackhawk XP42A engine upgrade.

Flightline’s system includes electronic monitors that provide real-time evaluations of components and systems throughout the operational cycle of the aircraft.

“Trend monitoring enables Caravan operators to derive full advantage from the capabilities and efficiencies of the XP42A program, adding to its safety, reliability and efficiency,” said Jim Allmon, president and CEO at Blackhawk.


(The Cessna Grand Caravan)

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