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FAA Approves Sikorsky’s S-76D with Thales Avionics Suite

By Amy Kluber | October 18, 2012
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FAA awarded supplemental type certification for a Thales TopDeck avionics-equipped Sikorsky S-76D helicopter.

The S-76D TopDeck cockpit features ADS-B out capability, along with a new “click to fly” function that improves interactivity and integration for pilots.

“TopDeck allows a pilot flying the S-76D to directly control cockpit tasks on his displays using an intuitive Cursor Control Device (CCD). This device is first of its kind on a helicopter and puts all the functions at the pilot’s fingertips, thus reducing the pilot’s workload, shortening reaction time and increasing safety,” said Yves Joannic, vice president and managing director of helicopter avionics at Thales.  

(Thales TopDeck avionics suite on S-76D)

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