Gogo Raises IFEC Prices, Expands to More Delta Aircraft

By gguarino | September 19, 2012
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In-flight connectivity provider Gogo recently raised its in-flight Wi-Fi service pricing options on Virgin America and Delta flights.

Gogo is now charging $10 per hour and no longer allows passenger to purchase its full-flight pass while in the air.

“We’re currently testing various new pricing options in the market to make sure we’re offering passengers a variety of choices to meet their particular connectivity needs while also assuring that pricing is reflective of demand and the value those products offer on each individual flight. Keep in mind, many flights haven’t seen any price increases, while some city pairs/routes with heavier use – mainly transcontinental routes – have experienced pricing increases in the past and are currently seeing several new test pricing scenarios that may or may not be implemented long term,” Gogo said in an e-mailed statement.

The Itasca, Ill.-based IFC provider did not confirm when its testing phase for the new pricing options would conclude.

“As many Gogo users know, bandwidth to the plane is not unlimited and it is a shared resource. On routes where use is heavier, we are testing prices to make sure that we are reflective of demand and that those users who choose to connect have a consistently satisfactory experience,” Gogo said in a statement.

Delta Expansion

Gogo on Wednesday announced Delta will expand its in-flight Wi-Fi service to its entire fleet of two-class and Delta Connection aircraft. 

Installations are scheduled to begin later this year on Delta’s fleet, with completion in 2015—upon completion Delta will have more than 950 Gogo-equipped aircraft.

"Delta is a leader when it comes to offering their passengers connectivity related services and we are excited to work with them to bring Gogo Vision to their passengers," said Michael Small, president and CEO at Gogo. "As we begin updating their fleet with our next generation ATG-4 connectivity service, we will also add the Gogo Vision product to those aircraft."

ATG-4 is expected to enhance Gogo’s air to ground network and expand broadband capacity to the aircraft, according to the company.

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