Air France Replaces Manual Aircraft Data Collection with e-Aircraft

By Staff Writer | May 26, 2017
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Air France’s Airbus fleet is currently using Sitaonair e-Aircraft DataCapture, Sitaonair said. The solution can help airlines optimize staffing resources and reduce the time aircraft spend on the ground. Air France has been using it since January.

E-Aircraft DataCapture captures, dissects and can immediately delivery aircraft data. It collects, compresses and encrypts an aircraft’s quick access recorder (QAR) or digital aircraft condition monitoring system (ACMS) recorder (DAR) data. The data is then automatically transmitted to a Sitaonair ground server and sent to Air France’s data analysis system, where it is instantly analyzed and given a response. E-Aircraft DataCapture eliminates the need for manual collection during the overnight maintenance regime, or otherwise.

“Our intelligent e-Aircraft DataCapture solution is already making aircraft data easier for airlines to access; reducing data retrieval time from days to minutes, without mobilizing maintenance resources,” said Pierre-Yves Benain, head of Portfolio and Strategy for e-Aircraft at Sitaonair. “Thanks to DataCapture, airlines can get an immediate detailed picture of all parameters recorded inflight by a QAR or DAR recorder. With our Cloud-based solution, our intention is to provide an end-to-end, expert data management service at business continuity level, freeing up airlines to focus on their core operations and engineering priorities.”

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