American Airlines to Launch Samsung In-Flight Tablet Program

By gguarino | September 19, 2012
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American Airlines (AA) on Wednesday announced plans to launch an innovative in-flight tablet program—bringing the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet to all of its 17,000 flight attendants.

Flight attendants will use the tablet to access passenger information, provide customers with flight delays and weather information and for onboard transactions such as food purchases—pending FAA approval.

AA said that by mid-2013 all of its flight attendants will have the Samsung Galaxy Note to use on all passenger flights.

"This is a huge step towards a new, modern American Airlines, as our tablet program is the first of its kind in the airline industry, where our flight attendants will have the most up-to-date customer information in the palms of their hands, allowing them to better serve our customers from boarding to deplaning," said Lauri Curtis, vice president, flight services at American. "By giving a device to all of our active flight attendants we are better enabling our people to deliver an exceptional customer experience."

(Credit: American Airlines)

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