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Intertrust DRM to Provide In-flight Content Projection for Panasonic

By Woodrow Bellamy III  | February 24, 2015
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[Avionics Today 02-24-2015] Panasonic Avionics has announced that its wireless In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system, eXW, uses Intertrust's ExpressPlay Marlin Digital Rights Management to protect in-flight content libraries. The exW is an IFE system that delivers on-board movies, music and news to passenger electronic devices.
Cabin interior with IFE. Photo: Fiji AIrways.

“We selected Intertrust’s ExpressPlay technology for two reasons,” said Laurie da Silva, senior vice president of engineering at Panasonic Avionics. “It is a proven technology used in consumer devices like TVs and consumer gaming consoles, and it meets all of our IFE-specific requirements for eXW.” 

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