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Aspen Avionics Awarded STC for MFD on R44

By Tish Drake | July 25, 2012
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Aspen Avionics received FAA approval for installation of its H-series Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and Multi-function Flight Displays (MFD) into the Robinson R44 and R44 II model helicopters.

The PFD is a all solid-state digital replacement for legacy mechanical flight instruments. The MFD adds features like high resolution moving maps, relative terrain and obstacle awareness, and traffic displays.

“The Robinson platform will easily showcase Aspen’s reliable and versatile avionics solution,” says Aspen’s Vice President Sales and Customer Support Mark Ferrari. “The Robinson fills many roles and its missions will be that much easier and safer with Aspen’s solid-state digital flight display system. The compact package also fits neatly into the limited panel space.”

Western Avionics has also submitted for EASA validation of the STC to make it available to European operators. Approval for the R22 model is also underway, the company said.

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