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Insitu Flies Integrator UAS with ICOMC2

By Tish Drake | July 16, 2012
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Insitu said its Common Open-mission Management Command and Control (ICOMC2) system flew its Integrator Unmanned Aircraft System during a one-hour, 20-minute flight in eastern Oregon earlier this year.

ICOMC2 is a core UAS control system that can be augmented with software plug-ins to incorporate evolving, mission-critical technology. The first flight using ICOMC2 incorporated a vehicle-specific module plug-in developed by Insitu for Integrator.

“This capability enables our customers not only to control any STANAG 4586 unmanned aircraft from a single high performance laptop, but also to rapidly insert information crucial for mission decision making,” said Insitu President and CEO Steve Morrow. “Achieving these milestones will also provide U.S. and Joint Forces with a much higher level of situational awareness.”

An advanced video overlay system (AVOS) places ISR imagery within the context of the larger battlefield. Customers can track hundreds of networked targets and maintain situational awareness and positive identification even as the targets move out of the view of one unmanned aircraft platform and into the view of another. Able to display live or prerecorded video from any STANAG 4586-compliant UAS, the system merges video with a wide range of data, like maps and elevation, automatic identification system, geo-location ellipses and address grids.


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