Thales Adds Features to Its ODICIS Cockpit

By Tish Drake | July 9, 2012
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Thales on Monday introduced new innovations to its interactive cockpit design, ODICIS, at the Farnborough Airshow.

With its touchscreen-based display concept, ODICIS can be configured to provide more freedom in how the display space and touchscreen surface are used, enabling information to be presented in new ways across all types of aircraft, Thales said.

On top of all these innovations the following functions, are present:

• I4D (Initial 4D Trajectory) giving a time constraint at meeting point to each aircraft converging to this point, in order to sequence traffic. To demonstrate this ODICIS will include replay of the flight trial in February 2012, from Ground and Air Segments

• D-Taxi (Digital-Taxi) uplink of the cleared taxi route via CPDLC (Controller Pilot DataLink Communication) and representation of the taxi path in the cockpit displays

• ASAS (Airborne Separation Assistance Systems) spacing which helps create a regular traffic flow by ensuring an aircraft adjusts its speed so that it can keep its spacing relative to another aircraft, and therefore merges according to the requirement set by the controller

• ECO Take-Off optimized take-off and climb profile in order to define the trade-off between CO2 emissions and noise reductions

“As one of the world’s leaders in both aircraft avionics and air traffic management solutions, we are fully committed to make ground and air segments work seamlessly together. We are also deeply involved in improving system and interface management to design a new cockpit philosophy," said Richard Perrot, head of Thales Avionics’ marketing department.

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