Goodrich to Supply Air Data System for KC-390

By Tish Drake | May 11, 2012
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Goodrich has been selected to provide the air data system, ice detector, windshield ice protection controller, and the fuel quantity gauging and control system for the Embraer KC-390 military transport aircraft. Initial hardware deliveries are expected to begin in 2013. The systems will be provided by Goodrich’s Sensors and Integrated Systems teams in Minnesota and Vermont.

The air data system includes multi-function SmartProbe products and total air temperature sensors. The system provides all critical air data parameters to the aircraft’s flight control system, pilot displays and other air data dependent systems, according to the company. Goodrich will also supply its internally mounted windshield ice protection controllers, which ensure the windshield and cockpit windows remain free of condensation and ice. Goodrich said its fuel quantity gauging and control system is optimized for flight deck control of both on-ground and in-flight fueling and defueling. Built-in test and fault detection capabilities are integrated into the system.

"Goodrich continues to expand its partnership with Embraer by providing advanced, low risk solutions for the new aircraft like the KC-390 transport," said Chris Cojocar, business development director, Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems. "Our investment in new technology and facilities, such as advanced icing wind tunnels make us uniquely qualified to design, test and qualify to Embraer’s operational and performance objectives."

Goodrich previously had been selected to design and manufacture state of the art electro-hydrostatic actuators (EHAs), electro-backup hydrostatic actuators (EBHAs), actuator electronics and electrical controls for the fully integrated, fly-by-wire, primary flight control system of the aircraft.

Earlier this week, Thales was selected by Embraer Defence and Security to provide the Inertial Navigation System (INS) and the GPS of the KC-390. More

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