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Hainan Airlines Selects Teledyne Flight Data Products

By Staff Writer | May 3, 2012
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Teledyne Controls, based in El Segundo, Calif., said it was selected by Hainan Airlines for automating flight data retrieval and electronic software part distribution. The package selected includes Teledyne’s Wireless GroundLink system (WGL), LoadStar Server Enterprise (LSE) software application, enhanced Airborne Data Loader (eADL) and Portable Maintenance Terminal 2000 (PMAT 2000), which will carry out Software Part distribution.

The WGL system connects the selected products together and enables wireless data transfer across the entire fleet. This complete hardware and software solution will be implemented across Hainan’s Boeing 737 fleet, consisting of 57 new aircraft. This selection makes Hainan Airlines the first operator in China to expand the WGL functionality from flight data retrieval to wireless data distribution, Teledyne said.

With this system, Hainan Airlines can electronically record their aircraft data and wirelessly transfer the data via the WGL system from the aircraft to the ground, within minutes of landing, and from any airport worldwide. Once the data is received, it can be processed and analyzed in record time to assess operations and aircraft performance. Additionally, Hainan will be able to wirelessly distribute Software Parts directly from their ground station’s software configuration system, LSE, through the WGL to the eADL for loading into onboard target systems. To support the remainder of the Hainan fleet not equipped with the WGL system, software parts will be distributed electronically by LSE using the PMAT 2000 Portable Loader system. In both cases, the use of electronic Software Part distribution eliminates the need to manually carry and load hundreds of floppy disks onto the aircraft, saving time, manpower and reducing overall costs.

"We are pleased to work with Hainan Airlines to implement this end-to-end solution, and to demonstrate the value of wireless data distribution. With over 95 percent of all airlines in China currently using the Teledyne WGL system, this enables us to bring similar solutions to the rest of the Chinese market," said Charles Tamburo, Regional Sales Director-Asia Pacific.

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