Goodrich Awarded LED Lighting Contract from Lufthansa

By Tish Drake | March 27, 2012
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Goodrich was awarded a contract to retrofit LED runway turnoff (RTO) lights on Lufthansa’s fleet of A319/A320/A321 aircraft, the company said Tuesday. The improved lights will be integrated in the aircraft nose landing gear in two locations. The work will be done at Goodrich’s Lighting Systems facility in Lippstadt, Germany.

"Goodrich has worked closely with the Lufthansa Technik team to create a superb technology LED solution which extends light service life and offers a ‘no touch–maintenance free’ product," said Brian Sartain, vice president of Goodrich’s Interiors Cabin and Lighting Systems business. "Our LED runway turnoff lights are reliable and are fully interchangeable (mechanically and electronically) with the existing lights. Moreover, during the extensive field trials, pilots reported that they can see better with these new lights which is a welcome safety improvement for exterior lights on board the Airbus A320 Family aircraft."

Tim Wenger, A320 Family aircraft system engineer for Lufthansa Technik AG, expressed his appreciation to the Goodrich team for collaborating with the airline. "I am impressed with the way Goodrich worked to provide us with a cost effective lighting solution for our needs. The Goodrich lights certainly exceeded our expectations and we are confident in the quality and use of these lights," he said.

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