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Croatia Activates Code Assignment and Management System to Ease ATC Operation

By Juliet Van Wagenen | May 11, 2015
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Photo: Eurocontrol

[Avionics Today 05-11-2015] Croatia has successfully activated the Centralized Code Assignment and Management System (CCAMS), which will overcome current and future shortages of Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) codes used by Air Traffic Control (ATC) for radar identification, Eurocontrol announced. CCAMS assigns a unique Mode 3/A SSR code to each flight operating in the European region; it reduces code shortages by making more efficient use of codes as well as by eliminating code conflicts that can impact flight safety.

By managing code assignments centrally, codes can be assigned in the most optimal way: code changes and conflicts are avoided and the increased traffic demand can be handled safely.

About 60 percent of Europe’s air traffic now benefits from efficient SSR code management. The project was implemented operationally in 2012 to improve safety and capacity in aircraft identification. Over the last three years, CCAMS has been activated by 15 ANSPs: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Serbia and Montenegro, Sweden, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. The next candidate states are Albania and Romania.

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