Aerion to Equip AS2 Supersonic Business Jet with ClearVision HUD

By Kelsey Reichmann | January 13, 2021
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The Aerion AS2 will be equipped with ClearVision EFVS. (Universal Avionics)

ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) and complete Head-Up Display (HUD) will be used on Aerion AS2, the supersonic business jet from Aerion Supersonic, Universal Avionics (UA) announced in a Jan. 6 press release.

The HUD and EFVS solution will use the SkyLens Head-Wearable Display (HWD).

“By using the SkyLens as a wearable Head-Up Display, the ClearVision EFVS brings unprecedented capabilities to the airplane and demonstrates a compelling roadmap to the future, on top of the proven operational landing credit and all-weather operation,” Dror Yahav, UA Chief Executive Officer, said in a press statement.

The ClearVision system uses a Combined Vision System (CVS), EVS-5000 Enhanced Vision System camera, and 3D Synthetic Vision System (SVS) on the pilot and co-pilot HWD, according to the release. All of these features give the pilot and copilot 3D situational awareness of terrain using the 360-degree field of regard and the ability to overcome degraded visibility situations.

Pictured here is a computer-generated concept image of Aerion’s AS2, the supersonic business jet that the company hopes will begin flight testing in 2024. In February, Aerion also began initial concept development for the first in a family of rapidly developed high altitude supercruise aircraft for the U.S. Defense market. Photo: Aerion

“With a proven track record of innovation, Universal Avionics has become the market leader in Head-Wearable Display systems and EVS sensors,” Steve Berroth, Aerion’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Aircraft Development, said in a press statement. “This industry-leading technology will offer pilots of the AS2 unparalleled vision and enhanced situational awareness capabilities. We look forward to our continued collaboration as we seek to change the future of aviation together.”

The FAA recently announced new rules for the authorization of supersonic test flights. These rules allow companies developing commercial supersonic aircraft, like the Aerion AS2, to conduct test flights in the U.S. bringing the possibility of civil supersonic travel closer to reality.

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