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Panasonic Expands Coverage Over Asia

By Tish Drake | January 30, 2012
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Panasonic Avionics Corp., based in Lake Forest, Calif., commissioned and tested its new service on the Yamal 201 Russian satellite via its partner RuSat’s teleport in Moscow, Russia. The move provides essential service for aircraft routes between Europe and Asia.

According to Panasonic, with the Yamal 201 satellite, the more than 1,200 aircraft that have been committed to Panasonic’s Global Communications Suite will be able to fly around the globe, above the equator, with uninterrupted broadband coverage from the company’s Ku-band network.

“We are now only a few months away from completing the world’s first global Ku frequency, high bandwidth aeronautical network. We are very excited to see our powerful broadband network offer global, uninterrupted in-flight connectivity, and look forward to helping our customers use broadband connectivity to enhance operational efficiencies and the in-flight entertainment experience,” said Paul Margis, CEO for Panasonic Avionics.

Panasonic’s Global Communications Suite system provides two-way broadband connectivity to an aircraft, supporting a range of passenger and crew applications including in-flight broadband Internet access over Wi-Fi to passengers, and mobile phone service offered in collaboration with AeroMobile.

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