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By Juliet Van Wagenen | September 23, 2016
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Commercial flight routes between the U.S. and Cuba re-opened late last month when a JetBlue passenger jet touched down on the island after Cold War-tensions stalled passenger flights for more than 51 years. While 21 commercial flights a day are now shuttling loved ones between the two countries, the real question is: Are we allowed to bring back cigars or should we smuggle them through in our suitcases?

We hope it won’t take you 51 years to smuggle your answers through this week’s news quiz!

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The WTO ruled this week that a government entity had given nearly $5 billion in illegal subsidies to which major aviation OEM?





Fifteen F-35s were taking out of service and 42 were taken off the production line due to issues with “crumbling and peeling” what?

Landing gear

Digital video interface cables

Avionics lines in the fuel tanks

Pleather on the seats in the cockpit

A new flight tracking solution is in the works after which two companies with aircraft surveillance expertise joined forces?

ADS-B Technologies and Honeywell

Rockwell Collins and ICAO

Blue Sky Network and NATS

FlightAware and Aireon

Touchscreen displays via Rockwell Collins will make their debut as standard forward-fit equipment onboard which new aircraft?

Airbus A 350XWB

C Series CS300

Boeing 777X

Boeing’s latest Dreamliner

ICAO’s Secretary General Fang Liu stressed at the United Nations Security Council this week that governments need to encourage more cooperation and collaboration for what reason?

To better protect against aviation terrorism threats

To move airspace modernization efforts along faster

To make global flight tracking a reality

To get better snacks on airlines

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