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Jeppesen Unveils Runway Analysis Service

By Staff Writer | October 19, 2011
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Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen introduced a Web-based Runway Analysis service that provides aviation operators with airport, runway and aircraft performance information. The company said the program is designed to help commercial, military and corporate operators reduce costs and operate more efficiently by accessing vital flight information for specific aircraft at all available worldwide airports, in an improved digital format.

The Jeppesen Runway Analysis service provides individual takeoff and landing performance calculations, developed from airport, runway and obstacle databases and specific aircraft performance data from aircraft manufacturers.

"The Jeppesen Runway Analysis service has become the industry standard for airport, runway and aircraft performance information and our new Web-based system helps to deliver this critical data in an improved format to optimize operations," said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. "Our new Runway Analysis system helps to enhance flight operation analysis capabilities, which include takeoff and landing performance data."

Future plans call for additional flight information capabilities to be added to the service, including integration with the Jeppesen flight planning and weight and balance systems.

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